Today, FARELEIROS (AVELFABRICS,S.A.) is equipped to produce several types of fabrics.

Never forgetting where we came from, the passion for wool that is embedded in our DNA, we are prepared to offer solutions both in carded and combed fabrics. We manufacture a broad range of products based on the mixture with natural fibres, such as Cotton, Linen and Silk, and synthetic fibres, like Polyester, Polyamide, Nylon and Elastane. We are qualified to produce fabrics with Teflon, Nanotex, Oeko-tex, antistatic, anti-smell and UV protection. We specialise in the production of outer fabrics for men’s clothing.

We have two collections (Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer) and always make our presentations between seasons. We possess our own development office, which is in permanent contact with customers so as to find solutions and provide a service of excellence.
Together with our customers, we develop new competencies in order to create exclusive and innovative products. We give special treatment to Colour specificities. We work daily to improve touch and feel.
From Portugal to the World, our products bring tradition, innovation and much passion.